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many blue umbrellas are set up on the grass in front of some trees and mountains
Nuovo progetto per Christo e Jeanne Claude, ma non tutti ne sono contenti
an aerial view of the ocean and land with pink flowers in the water, as seen from above
The Surrounded Islands Of Christo And Jeanne-Claude - IGNANT
an island covered in pink paper floating on top of water
15 straordinarie installazioni di Christo e Jeanne-Claude
an artist's rendering of a yellow path in the water
Camminare sulle acque
an island made out of pink paper floating in the water
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
an island is painted orange in the middle of the water, with trees on it
an island covered in pink tarps floating on top of water
The Surrounded Islands Of Christo And Jeanne-Claude - IGNANT
an advertisement for the united and jean - lucuene's the gates
Christo: The Gates, new york. Art Print, Framed Picture
two pictures of buildings with different architectural styles and colors, one in black and white the other in color
Moderne en hedendaagse kunst Kopen in Online Veiling - Catawiki
two drawings with different shapes and sizes of trees in the middle one is pink, the other is black
Christo | Surrounded Islands, Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida (1985) | Artsy
an older man standing on the edge of a body of water with mountains in the background
Christo: a life in pictures
a drawing of a long dock in the water with yellow and blue paint on it
christo to connect italy's lake iseo with floating golden fabric piers
a woman standing on top of a yellow floating dock
In viaggio sulle acque del lago d’Iseo con Christo “Sono vecchio, dovevo sbrigarmi per quest’opera”