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When Jim is really passionate about Italian food…and Pam. | 27 Of The Cutest Jim…

Italian food will be very important to you during and after your Italy vacation. Most people are usually surprised by the diversity of food in Italy

I think everyone should get to marry Jim. <---- This gifset seemed to be going in a different direction

& I& just wake up in the morning.and I& be looking at her in the early light while she& still asleep. And I& drag this shoelace across her face and I& yell.& WAKE UP! THERE& A BUG ON YOUR FACE!& She wakes up screaming.& - Jim, from The Office

Jim listening to a minute message from Pam when she was away at Pratt and had stayed out with friends most of the night and accisentally called Jim's work number and left a message.

When Jim made this spontaneous statement: | 26 Times Jim And Pam's Relationship Was Way, Way Too Real

Post with 11751 votes and 334941 views. Need some good-feels today. Jim and Pam always bring those!