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Activities: Mix Monochromatic Colors!

Mix Monochromatic Colors! | Activity |

Here's a painting activity that's a lesson in secondary colors. Your child will mix and match paints to discover all the different hues one color can have!

Two-week color unit -- really cute ideas

Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade Class

We continued our Color Day Fun theme and finished up with all the colors. It was a week filled with literature, writing, art, and color day snacks! Monday was orange day. We started our day with our color poem: “Orange is a carrot an the orange I eat. Orange are the new socks I wear upon my feet!” And color monster: Orange, Orange, squished and orange! The two stories that we read for orange day are Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera and Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. After reading Chrysanthemum…

So many activities to go with 8 books about bears from The Princess and the Tot. So cute! Includes Blueberries for Sal, Good Night Little Bear, I Love You With All My Heart and more.

Bear Week - Activities to go with 8 books

I had initially planned on doing a 2nd week of Dr. Seuss books, but decided to alter my plan a little while I was pulling out all of our Easter books. We have books all over our house. Just about every room has either a bookcase or book basket, and most of them have 2 or more. I do keep our books organized by type, but not theme. I've never really wanted to do that and enjoy going through all of our hundreds of books when searching for something. I began my search for our Easter books and…

Thanksgiving Themed Fine Motor Skills Activity for Kids

Paper Punch Color Match Turkey- A Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activity for Kids

Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activities. Kids will love to match the paper punch circles to the turkey tail feathers in this fun fine motor skills activity!

colors pocket chart...I am definitely going to use her   Colors Unit this year.

Preschool Colors Theme Activities

Color theme activities for pre-k, preschool and kindergarten. Fun, hands-on activities and ideas for teaching young children how to recognize colors at home or in the classroom.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Activities

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Activities

Friday, we began our Brown Bear unit which correlates right along with our colors theme. I read the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do y...

"Mouse Paint" unit study based on materials in the Ivy Kids subscription kit - TONS of great ideas spanning the curriculum for bringing this...

Mouse Paint unit study {Ivy Kids review}

Unit study based on the book Mouse Paint. Includes TONS of extension ideas spanning the curriculum for bringing this book to life for young kids.

Colors unit because my babies just aren't getting their colors yet.

Exploring Colors

Here are 10 fun, hands-on activities for exploring colors in Pre-K. Pre-K children don't need a coloring worksheet to learn colors. They can learn through exploration! Color Flags I made these flags from sheets of felt, cut

for colors unit...rainbow hair poem

Rainbow Day

Today was Rainbow day and boy did we have a busy day! We learned the poem "Rainbow Hair" and made our rainbow hair people and then we made ...

Book, Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni and ball painting/color mixing activity

Having fun with a little blue and yellow in preschool

After reading the story, "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Leo Lionni we did a little blue and yellow color mixing of our own... We have been exploring balls and so we combined our reading with a little blue and yellow

Eye color pie chart graph (plus more All About Me unit ideas)

All About Me!

This week our theme unit was "All About Me". We learned how special and unique each one of us are. We read lots of stories. Some were si...

great idea from Use projector sheets to trace the chameleon and place the sheet over different colored backgrounds to see him change colors.

Exploring mixed-up chameleons with Eric Carle

Today is Eric Carle's birthday and in honor of his birthday, a large group of bloggers have been putting together ideas that would go nicely with many of his books. I love so many of Eric Carle's books that I had a hard time narrowing it down. But after much ado, I have narrowed down

Spring Learning!

The first day of Spring is this week! So I pulled out some butterflies and flowers. I used this butterfly pattern and this flower pattern, We started with matching some colors using buttons. Pompoms could also be used, I just like button because they take a little more fine motor work. You could also use tweezers but we are not there yet. We need to really work on counting so I purchased a piece of foam board at the Dollar Tree. I cut it into five pieces for the numbers 1-5. I added some…