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an advertisement with a cartoon character holding a box of chicken nuggies and the caption prozes slodzikaku
a drawing of a person holding a heart with the caption ne no kcc
a drawing of a hedgehog with a cross on it's head and the words papez written in spanish
Papjeż - Ministerstwo śmiesznych obrazków
a sign that says, taki z ciebie przyjacijel talk?
an advertisement with a stick figure holding a ball in it's hand and the words jak city jehne to do afry policiz
Nike, Chat
an image of a person holding a cell phone in one hand and the words i cyk na policie above it
two bags of noodles are shown in front of the same bag, one with an older man's face on it
Juan Pablo II
an angry man with his mouth open and tongue out
a pie chart with words written on it
Coś Na Poprawę Dnia - MEMY
a person walking down the street with a bag on their back that says ty tez mozeszy byc nikm