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Read 93 from the story BTS Reaction by yihoshi (kwon ♡) with reads. Um BTS Reaction que eles flagram você dançando e cantando a.

*in yoongi's voice* JHOOOOOOPE

Reakcje BTS na różne rzeczy i momenty, to Ty jesteś główną bohaterką/em ?

*slowly backs away from screen with a nosebleed and whispers* why kookie WHY?

Jimin is such a mesmerising dancer. They way his movements can be as powerful as they are delicate, and as sharp as they are graceful, is just mind-blowing. They say “dancers are the athletes of God”, well Park Jimin is the living proof.

Omg he looks so good!

Am I the only one that thinks he looks particularly muscular here? Have you been working out, Hobi baby?<--- it looks as if suga has been teaching him swaeg tho