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children's paper cut outs with umbrellas and flowers on the wall in front of them
More Than Just Paper Dolls
More than just paper dolls! How to make fun paper chain dolls plus 15 other ideas for simple paper cutout chains
Kindergarten Butterflies | Georgetown Elementary Art Blog Collage, Kunst, Animais, Resim, Animaux, Dieren, Papillon, Lilla, Animales
Kindergarten Butterflies | Georgetown Elementary Art Blog
Kindergarten Butterflies | Georgetown Elementary Art Blog
four pieces of art hanging on a wall with the words contact paper collage above them
Contact Paper Collage
Children stick collage material to contact paper to make colorful and playful wall art.
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on the paper that has been cut into smaller pieces
Mixed Media Painting
Mixed Media Painting - Mini Mad Things
three flowers made out of colored paper on top of a white surface with the words real colors
Hyper Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers!
the sun is made out of strips of construction paper and glue on top of it
Eric Carle inspired art (kids cut sun and "rays") finger paint yellow let almost dry added orange. Blue & white tempers paint to get light blue - wide sweeps with sponge brushes Preschool art
a paper plate jellyfish hanging on a wall
Puffy Rainbow Clouds - Meri Cherry
a multicolored star mobile hanging on a wall next to a white wall with a string
Glitter Star Mobiles with Kids
Kids make glittery star mobiles with cardboard, wire, and painted wooden beads.
an art piece is hanging on the wall next to a painting and beaded necklaces
Neon Modern Mobiles for Kids - Meri Cherry
an assortment of colorful objects are displayed on wooden sticks with toothpicks in the shape of letters and numbers
Modern Clay Stacked Sculpture - Art Ideas For Kids — ART CAMP
a group of colorful paintings with leaves painted on them, all in different colors and shapes
Photos On Too Cool For School 23A