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four different types of cats are depicted in this illustration, with one cat jumping up and the other sitting down
Leo Birthstones
a collage of different images with flowers and fruit on them, including an image of a woman's face
Growing Strong
two cats sitting next to each other near a tree and fern covered forest with sunlight coming through the leaves
Warriors/Fire and Ice_5, Joanna Mosińska
People, Big Cats, Cat Oc, Cat Books, Cats, Feline, Cute Cats, Chat
devgrahamarts - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
a cat with an evil look on its face and the words are ya winning, son?
Cat Warriors.
an animal with red eyes is shown in the background and text reads, warriors should't sleep their pain silently
"Warriors should suffer their pain silently." Tigerstar
a close up of a cat with a feather on it's head and blue eyes
SatzzzArt - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
a pinkie pony with red hair standing in front of a white background
My Little Pony: the Movie - Tempest Shadow by TheArtsyEmporium on DeviantArt
the pinkie pony is running with her hair blowing in the wind and green eyes
Vector #849 - Tempest Shadow #9 by Remul-Lemlem on DeviantArt
a painting of a cat with blue eyes and claws on it's back, standing in front of some trees