Christmas at The Springs House

We're located in the Springs House, a two-story historic home. We like to dress it up for Christmas. Enjoy some of our ideas for holiday fun!
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four different pictures with leaves on them and one has a lamp in front of it
Have An Artsy Monday!
great Christmas gift idea
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of wooden objects in various stages of construction, including circular
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DIY Clothespin Picture Frame | Artsy Fartsy Crafty Schmafty
christmas wreaths made out of paper and ribbon are arranged in different ways to make the word happy
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
Christmas clothespin wreath- apparently I need to be artsy now that the fridge won't take magnets to hold our Xmas cards
a snowflake made out of scissors on a table
How-To: Quilled Snowflakes From Aluminum Pans | Make:
How-To: Quilled Snowflakes From Aluminum Pans from Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom
a white pine cone hanging from a paint can
white pinecones
three mason jars filled with candles sitting on top of a table covered in greenery
Christmas Home Tour - DIY Show Off ™ - DIY Decorating and Home Improvement Blog
mason jar Christmas centerpiece
the process of making candles in vases with flowers and greenery is shown here
Pine branch glass decor
four different pictures of various items that are being made into pillows and pillowcases
Easy holiday placemat pillow
A #DIY tutorial on making an easy #Christmas pillow!
a snowman ornament hanging from a string with a light on it's head
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Light Up Snowman Super cute, easy to make and you could hang them everywhere! For more great images and videos, visit:
a fireplace decorated with christmas wreaths and decorations
#Rudolph made a visit to the Springs House. #Christmas in #November.
a christmas wreath on the top of a stair case next to a piano in a living room
Lighted Garland for your staircase. More bows, ribbon, and large ornaments.
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with christmas decorations
Now this is how you do a chandelier for #Christmas.
a decorated christmas tree in the corner of a room
Big #bows and #ornaments. #Christmas
a decorated christmas tree with red and gold ornaments on it's top, in front of a window
No #star on top. Go for big and bold #ribbon. Do the same for your #ornaments.
christmas wreaths on the front porch of a white house
#Garland galore
a large white house with snowflakes on it
#Art cubes are seeing #snowflakes! The Springs House is decked for the #holidays.
two christmas trees are decorated with silver sequins and pine cones, one red bird is perched on the branch
Cardinals for Christmas
a mantel decorated for christmas with greenery, candles and a mirror on the wall
Garland, bows, ornaments--so easy!
the instructions for how to make an origami mouse from toilet paper and scissors
christmas crafts
christmas crafts
christmas decorations on the banisters in front of stairs with candles and poinsettias
Poinsettas and lighted garland. :-)
a christmas wreath with lights around it and a santa hat hanging on the front door
Exterior decoration at the Springs House
a cell phone with some cookies decorated like reindeers and noses on it's screen
reindeer cookies **Business After Hours Event**
a chandelier with christmas decorations hanging from it's sides and candles in the middle
Now, that is a fun chandelier!
christmas decorations are hanging on the banister
We have something like this on our staircase during Christmas! Garland & lights wrapped around the beams
a christmas tree made out of cheese and grapes
Festive Christmas Tree Cheese Board and fruit display!!! **Business After Hours Event**
christmas desserts and sweets are featured in this collage with the words, 25 christmas sweet treats
45 Christmas Sweet Treats
Christmas- 45 Christmas Sweet Treats from Oh and by the way, since Christmas and thanksgiving are rounding near, I will be pinning lots of cheerful and delicious pins. Follow my board 'Holidays' to get all of my Christmas and thanksgiving pins!
a mason jar filled with pine cones and a candle
Easy, inexpensive, festival decoration!
a fireplace decorated for christmas with stockings and stockings
Christmas Lights and Decorations on Mantle..