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An exquisite example of La Tene engraving on this back of The Desborough Mirror a bronze mirror from Britain

The reverse side of a Romano-Celtic bronze mirror from Desborough, Northamptonshire, England, showing the development of the spiral and trumpet decorative theme of the Early Celtic La Tène style in Britain. This items dates c.

The La Tène culture was a European Iron Age culture named after the archaeological site of La Tène on the north side of Neuenburgersee in Switzerland, where a rich cache of artifacts was discovered by Hansli Kopp in 1857. La Tène culture developed and flourished during the late Iron Age (from 450 BCE to the Roman conquest in the 1st century BCE) in Belgium, eastern France, Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.

We're starting with the roots of the Celts, which surprisingly begin in central Europe: Hallstadt, Austria and move to La Tene, Switzerland, for the second phase in the development of Celtic society.

Migration Era Germanic Women Warriors Concept by Gambargin on DeviantArt

A concept study of Germanic Women Warrior for the Late Antiquity HWS Project: Rise of Kings and Queens which aims to portray Women Warriors of various cultures in a fictitious anachronistic histori.