Depth of Field

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Selective focus - photograph by Noelle Visconti

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Depth of Field (narrow) 1

13 Excellent Examples of Narrow Depth of Field

When I first started to take photography seriously over 10 years ago, mastering depth of field was high on my priority list. Shooting with a narrow depth .

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and furthest object in a scene that appears acceptably sharp in an image. This depends upon three things: aperture setting, focal length and distance between the camera and the subject.

Clothing Pins - Low Depth of Field

12 Top Portrait Photography Tutorials For You To Read Today

Low DOF Portrait

This is my example of a shallow depth of field. The manx hand is the only thing in focus. If it was a deep field of view his whole body would be in focus. A larger aperture and closer distance was used to produce this image.

shallow depth of field

A Simple Guide to Depth of Field

A Simple Guide to Depth of Field

Read more at: we're covering Depth of Field. I'm going to explain what depth of fiel...

Photography Tutorial - An Introduction to Aperture and F-Stop

Photography Tutorial - An Introduction to Aperture and F-Stop

Get Your Free Photo Exposure Cheat Sheet Here: http://SimplePhotoSchool.comToday we're talking about aperture and f stops! We'll be covering how you can use...

Portraiture by Stefano Moscardini, via Behance

DOF Portraits

dont worry, I'll make sure a train isnt coming

Low depth of field

Example of low depth of field.

Example of low depth of field. f2.8 @ 1/160. ©J.Lambert

Interview: Celebrated Literary Tales Reinterpreted as Surreal Photography by Susannah Benjamin - My Modern Met

Depth-of-Field Portrait

Low depth of field portrait.

Low depth of field portrait.

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