Mr Deer

Mr Deer

I'm not a mr. And I'm not a deer. Or maybe I just think I'm not. | Girl, Poland | Fave artists: Elentori, Rebornica, Marvyanaka |
Mr Deer
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Lumberjack by on DeviantArt.

Lumberjack by markmak on DeviantArt. Could the lumberjack ghost be wendy's great great-etc grandfather ?

Humanized Journal 3 [by elentori]

elentori-art: Humanize Journal Gravity Falls Humanized Journal you can find 1 here and 2 here! They’ve been named Eins, Zwei and Drei.

“When gravity falls and earth becomes sky, fear the beast with just one eye.”

"When gravity falls and earth becomes sky, beware the beast with only one eye.