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The process is pretty easy. Each of the tubes are flattened, cut into 1 inch segments of different lengths, and then spray-painted white (or whatever color you prefer). The different size loops are hot glued together to make the snowflake shape. What you’ll need: Paper towel or toilet rolls to provide segments. Ruler Pencil Scissors Hot glue gun Paper... Read More

Trippy Colorful LSD art

“What intrigued me more than anything else was finding out the way in which everything, all of creation - all of it! - was held together by invisible chemical bonds, and I found a strange, inexplicable comfort in knowing that somewhere, even though we couldn't see it in our own world, there was a real stability.” ~ Alan Bradley

Macrame grande colgando de la pared - cuerda de algodón Natural blanco 36" pasador - Boho casa NUEVA, decoración cuarto de niños, Telón de fondo de la boda, la cortina - listo para enviar

Macrame grande colgando de la pared cuerda de por BermudaDream

Sparkly Spiral Pendant, Fused GlassNecklace, Dichroic Jewelry, Silver, Signed Original

Spiral Pendant, Dichroic Fused Glass Necklace

Mixed media textile art beads hand made with Tyvek - shimmering sea green, jade, olive, ocean, rust, orange, brown, burnt umber and gold

mixed media textile art beads

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