This is the quiz were you can finally decide what nail polish color you should be wearing. enjoy!

What Colour Nail Polish Should YOU Be Wearing?

I have my mani/pedi appointment tomorrow and I can't decide on the color I want. Do I want nude or continue with stripper bright colors?

O.P.I. / Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection |

Raisin colored O. Nail Polish/ Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection / Sleigh Parking Only

OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

O'Leary's BBQ, I found I had something similar to this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme wear in Flirt I like the better price point.

nice Dream Nail_fashion and beauty

Dream Nail_fashion and beauty

Toss your subtle grays and eggplant purples. It's time to switch your mani-pedi polish palette with these fun summer trends(Pastel Hair Rose)