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an ornate bed with canopy and curtains on it's headboard, made out of wood
Miniatures by June Clinkscales Dollhouse Furniture
SOLD OUT---Sheraton Summer Bed
a hand is reaching for a book in front of a wooden bookcase with many books on it
@miniatureit • Milkshake Website Builder
Miniatureit Tamar Cohen • @miniatureit
a baby's bed with pink and green decor
Color Inspiration - Vintage Beauty
several boxes with different patterns on them and the words delfthuse furniture printables
Dollhouse Miniature Printables - Late Night Coffee
a miniature rocking chair next to a mirror
Jill Dianne on MixedMediaArtistry Etsy (Miniature, but I want a real one!)
how to create miniature shoes Shoes, Accessories, Style, Collection, Fairy Garden, Doll House, Shoe Collection
Tiny Shoes, Big Style: DIY Miniature Shoe Tutorial
Make your own miniature shoe collection! Follow our simple step-by-step guide. #Miniatures #Crafting
how to create mini origami flowers Origami, Ideas, Create, Basteln, Flores, Rosas, Fun, Origami Flowers
DIY Miniature Magic: How to Make Origami Flowers
Looking for a fun and relaxing activity? Try your hand at making miniature origami flowers! Our blog post has everything you need to get started. 🌱 #CraftingFun #OrigamiArt #CreativeProjects
a hand holding a button with the words diy miniature plates on it and several different buttons
Make Miniature Dollhouse Plates from Buttons!
Looking to make cheap and effective miniature China plates with antique designs. Well buttons could be your solution. Get rummaging in that sewing box and watch this tutorial on how to craft your own realistic plates from just printable transfers and some spare buttons. I will guide you through the process step by step along with a few other techniques so you can make your very own gorgeous dollhouse plates in 1:12 scale in no time.
a person is holding two tiny gold earrings
these are easy to make #howto #tutorial #handmade #miniature #dollhouse #scalemodel #diorama #craft
DIY mini faucet handles #howto #tutorial #handmade #miniature #dollhouse #scalemodel #diorama #craft
an instagram page with pictures of christmas lights and other things on it, including buttons
Mini Succulent Cricut SVG
CUTE Mini Plantemplate for cutting machines! Get this svg template to add to your own miniature garden. Craft is EASY and rolls together in seconds. Planter included as well!
a white house with flowers on the outside and windows in the top half, surrounded by greenery
Elevate this Christmas with these Storytelling Beautiful Christmas Cakes
two laser cut out pieces of wood on a white surface, one with an arch and the other with a window
1:24 scale Miniature gothic window diy kit, half scale church window miniature dollhouse
"Here I have 1:24 scale dollhouse miniature gothic windows kit. The price is stated for 1 window. Each window consists of a base part and a raised part, which gives it a 3D look. The windows can be purchased as one sided or two sided, so the raised part is on both sides. Measurements: Style 1 - 6x 3 cm == 2.3\"x 1.2\" Style 2 - 6x 3 cm == 2.3\" x 1.2\" Style 3 - 6x 3.5 cm == 2.3\" x 1.4\" Style 4 - 6x 3.5 cm == 2.3\" x 1.4\" Style 5 - 6 x 3 cm == 2.3\" x 1.2\" Style 6 - 6 x 3 cm == 2.3\"x 1.2\"
an arched window is shown in the shape of a church or cathedral with four windows
Specialty Windows : Miniature Dollhouses & Doll House Supplies | Earth & Tree Miniatures & Dollhouses
Miniatura Templo em Ruínas
a doll house with lots of windows and doors
Haunted Dollhouse makeover
Creepy cool
a hand is holding up a miniature fountain in the grass near some bushes and trees
Mini fountain for fairy gardens :) …
the instructions for how to draw an animal's head and tail, with scissors
Megan's Tiny Treasures