How to design cartoon characters and animals

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Razzmaw species ref (outated but still relevant) by on @DeviantArt

(This is a closed species, meaning you can't make your own without my approval. You can get one through auctions, contests, raffles, or by commissioning. Razzmaw species ref (outated but still relevant)

LUNAITH BASIC part1 by on @DeviantArt

Update Revamped the anatomy guide. Modified the anatomy and added more details to their background! Hopefully their anatomy is now clear.

Festival Foxes Species sheet - CLOSED SPECIES by griffsnuff

With over 50 made fishies so far this was about time xDD Customs of these thingies are closed atm woop has taken a while to make these Fashionfishies/sheet belongs to me please do not steal.

Eyapi - Species Guide by on @DeviantArt

Finally made a proper species guide for them. Will be updated soon with new the new elements part) Eyapi - Species infoOverview The Eyapi is a small creature tha.

Dipling Design Guide by kub-e on DeviantArt

A simple guide for basic design and features Questions are welcome! --- Common Arboreal: Body Variations: Design Guide: Nest and Roles: Tsimu Nests and RolesTsimu Nests and Roles Nest Information: .