With brave wings she flies... your next tattoo. Click for more tattoo inspiration!  Can also say until we meet again...

redesign this so it's the word life with roots coming out of the bottom and wings/birds flying away from the top. i like the font and the location with brave wings she flies Tattoo Idea (font: signerica)

For missions

If you have true tattoo lust but are worried about what the boss might say, never fear: we've rounded up the best work-appropriate tats we could find.

Mandala Temporary Tattoo  Ethnic Art  Mandala by prosciuttojojo:

Mandala Temporary Tattoo Ethnic Art Mandala Art Large Temporary Tattoo Tattoo Temporary Buddhism Black Geometric Temporary Tattoo Art

Lotus flower ❤️

Back tattoo /// Lotus flower /// "Another back lotus, this time on and just as beautiful. (by Make your own with henna.