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Behemoths & Leviathans Dump 2 - Album on Imgur

Behemoths & Leviathans Dump 2 - Album on Imgur

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Quinquerreme. Unos 300 soldados a bordo, 270 de ellos remeros.40 m de longitud y 6 m de ancho. Entre 10 y 15 kms. por hora.

The capital ship of the Roman navy during the Punic wars. Again the Corvus is prominent, the small illustration shows the Corvus in action.

Cut away of a Trireme

The crew consisted of 200 men; the commanding officer Trierarch, few officers, archers, hoplites and of course 170 oarsmen seated in three different banks. Trireme Olympias is a truly marvellous monument, uniquely ancient and modern.