Sofiko Kuruliszwili

Sofiko Kuruliszwili

Sofiko Kuruliszwili
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Delineated, smoky, colors, shapes and techniques to make up your eyes every time We propose ten eye makeup looks for different tastes and.

Pastel Peach Hair : pour une coloration qui a la pêche ! - Les Éclaireuses

Peach hair is having a serious moment. These drop-dead gorgeous peach hair color looks will have you running to your colorist.

everyone made fun of me for being in love with him when he was in HSM.. never stopped having a crush on him and look at him now! gorgeous.

Zach Efron is another male celebrity that is seen as incredibly attractive. He has the baby blue eyes and dark hair to contrast them. He also has the six pack that women love. He is the epitome of male beauty.