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a pink handprint with orange birds on it and some red cones sticking out of the palm
Châteaux de princesse en empreinte de main - Humeurs Créatives
a piece of art that has been made to look like an abstract painting
Chinese New Year Dragons (1st/2nd)
Chinese New Year Dragons (1st/2nd) | Art with Mrs. Nguyen
a drawing of a dragon on a white background
How to Draw Chinese Dragons with Easy Step by Step Drawing Lesson – How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials
an art project made out of construction paper
Le tableau du dragon chinois
Pour célébrer le nouvel an chinois avec les enfants, tout en s'amusant avec les formes et les couleurs, on fabrique ce très joli tableau du dragon chinois ! Coloré et très simple à réaliser, ce bricolage est parfait pour découvrir les traditions du nouvel an chinois et les signes du zodiaque chinois.
a green dragon hanging from the ceiling in a school hallway with red ribbon and paper streamers
there was a princess's long ago song for storytelling in the garden
There Was A Princess Long Ago : Storytelling Circle Game
a star shaped pinwheel with streamers and confetti on the top, sitting in front of a green door
there is a birthday party with paper hats on it and balloons in the air next to each other
Ethan's Winnie the Pooh Second Birthday Party
winnie the pooh and friends stickers on a white background with a blue ribbon
Topper de bolo poof