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Previous: Next: Pendragonqueen09 on tumblr spotted a hint I left in a Lost page and they asked for Fell!Bro fluff when I offered to draw for em. SO HERE YOU GOOOO. I DON'T HAVE EVIL PLANS. DON'T LO...

Then you remember how Papyrus hates Sans when they get older and u like ;

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Me: "Man, hands are hard to draw." My Disembodied Logic: "Yeah - we should make a comic with a heavy focus on hands." I read a theory somewhere that Gaster was a.

[18+ blog]/ female / 23 years old I live in tunisia and was born in the 8th of october 1993 I love...

Anonymous said: I don't know who would Waifu Bendy choose, but it's obvious who would BABTQFIM Bendy choose!

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