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Rotini Pasta 4 Ways | Recipes

Rotini is some of the best pasta out there because its corkscrew shape allows it to hold more sauce — and more sauce is always a good thing, if you ask us. These recipes will show you how to make the best out of rotini pasta and create filling and delicious meals, whether you’re in the mood for garlic veggie rotini pasta or would rather go into comfort food territory with chicken spinach alfredo.


Bloomin' Apples

5 reviews
1 hour

Get your fall fix with these caramel-soaked bloomin' apples from


Shrimp Pasta Spinach Bacon Alfredo

2 reviews

Shrimp Spinach Bacon Alfredo is a great recipe you don’t want to miss Amazing Shrimp Recipe. Let me know if you made it in the comment below! Recipe Below I recommend you get the equipment used easily NUTRITION INFO Calories 1260 Fat 71g Carbs 94g Fiber 4g Sugar 8g Protein 74g Dont Miss This …


Espirales de Papa

Conectando gente a través del mundo mediante nuestra pasión por la buena comida y el amor de viajar. Descubre a nuestros expertos Tastemakers quienes te ofrecerán inspiración con programación sobre comida, viajes, y estilo de vida.


Salmon in Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

Layer on the flavor with a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce over lightly seasoned sauteed salmon.


Σολομός φιλέτα πλεξούδες φούρνου με σαλάτα κίτρο, γκρέιπφρουτ, τσίλι & κρεμμύδι

A wreath made of fish?? We know - you're just gunna have to trust us on this one. ;)

Crujiente por fuera y cremoso por dentro
This ham and pastry pie is the perfect cheesy dish for any cheese lover!

Ham and Camembert Pastry Pie ~ Recipe

This ham and pastry pie is the perfect cheesy dish for any cheese lover!


Grilled Lobster Tail

7 reviews
25 minutes

Grilled Lobster Tail from will make you feel so fancy.



Receta con instrucciones en video: Extra queso, extra delicioso Ingredientes: 4 tortillas, 150 gr. de queso rallado ahumado, 150 gr. de queso cheddar rallado, 125 gr. de queso mozzarella, 195 g...

Spicy Shrimp Sushi Stacks

Spicy shrimp sushi stacks with layers of sushi rice, cucumbers and avocado in addition to the spicy shrimp!


Baked Pears

The sweet charm of pears: honey-baked Bartlett pears served with a fluffy Mascarpone cream, topped with pistachios and pumpkin pie spices.



4 reviews
15 minutes

You will never believe how easy and fast it is to make Pan Seared Scallops with a Lemon Butter Sauce. Sweet, buttery and delicate Sea Scallops are quickly seared in a hot pan, then a simple lemon, butter and garlic sauce is made in the same pan. Serve on their own or over pasta, these seared scallops are perfect for date night at home.

sałatka z rukolą i suszonymi pomidorami

Codzienna sałatka z rukolą i suszonymi pomidorami może stanowić samodzielny posiłek lub być dodatkiem do dania głównego. Zanim się obejrzysz będzie gotowa!