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7 Easy Icebreakers

7 Easy Icebreakers You Can Do With Post-It Notes: Poster

We all love post-it notes, don't we?! Did you know that there are tons of activities you can do with them in your classroom? Well, check out 7 such activities below: we have created this HI-

POSTER: 7 New Go To Activities for Conversation Class

7 New Go To Activities for Conversation Class: Poster

Introducing '7 New Go To Activities for Conversation Class' - one more reference poster with 7 fresh and creative conversation activities for your next speaking class! Click the image below

Chaos - questions in Spanish

Chaos! The game

I found this idea on (where else?!) Pinterest. It is a game called Chaos. The original teacher is a math teacher. I modified it for my students, and we both really enjoy it. I write questions i…

6 Tongue Twisters to Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation

26 Epic Spanish Tongue Twisters (to Improve Pronunciation)

Tongue twisters or trabalenguas are phrases that use repetitive sounds to help you learn Spanish. Those repetitive sounds make them tricky to pronounce at first but when practiced can improve your Spanish pronunciation significantly. Plus it’s one of the most fun ways to practice Spanish!Whether you are looking for simple Spanish tongue twisters for kids […]

Conversation Jenga

The Teacher (as Designer)'s Tool Box

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Mrs. V's Adventures in Teaching - Spanish Cootie Catcher - getting to know you.

Guest Post!

Hey guys! I am so excited about this Blog Hop and Swap that's happening today:) I know you are going to enjoy Tabitha's post! I think she...

Spark Spanish Conversation with this Juego de Preguntas {Printable Game} |

Spark Spanish Conversation with this Juego de Preguntas {Printable Game}

For many families, the coming months are filled with gatherings, family and muchísimo español. Playing question games together provides an opportunity to tell family stories, talk about our values and laugh together. Of course, you know your friends and family, but this simple question game will help you all get to know each other aun [...]

MISCELLANEOUS: conversation starters for Spanish Class

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction

Visual illustrations drawn in 2004 designed to support foreign language instructional tasks, such as describing objects and people or describing events and situations.

Circumlocution: Facilitating Student Speaking in a Foreign Language --During a conversation, we sometimes struggle to find the right word, particularly when speaking a foreign language. The skill of circumlocution is a handy tool to have.

Teaching Foreign Language Circumlocution

It is often challenging for students to say or write something when they do not know the correct word (or can’t remember the word) that they want to use. During a conversation or speaking activity…

Avoiding Native Language Use During Foreign Language Group and Pair Activities.
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Avoiding Native Language in the Foreign Language Classroom

We have all had issues with students reverting to their native language the foreign language classroom. Here are some questions and suggestion to consider as you create these speaking activities t…

SPEAKING: 18 Spanish skits on popular topics - an entire year's worth! The topics include family, sports, school, travel, greetings, weather, clothing, refl...

Spanish Skits Bundle of 18 Dialogues / Speaking Activities - PDF

This skit bundle contains 18 Spanish interpersonal speaking skits on popular topics - an entire year's worth! The topics include family, sports, city, school and class schedules, travel, greetings, weather, clothing, daily routine, feelings, Little Red Riding Hood, making plans, discussing past act...

Loved the ice breaker videos - I used quite a few in my high school Spanish classes on our convo and listening days

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