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Typically these are done every 6 hours, Troponin does not always rise (even if MI is occurring) until several hours later. Green or PST tube

This heart looks so angry. I want to pet it and tell it to calm down. I guess it ought to get some Inderal....

Preload is the stretch. The amount of volume being returned to the right side of the heart from systemic circulation. Afterload is the squeeze. The amount of resistance the left side of the heart has to overcome in order to eject blood.

Guillain barre infographic NP student

guillain-barré syndrome - acute demeyelination of both cranial and peripheral nvs = LMN dx; dysarthria, dysphagia, diplopia and facial weakness may develop in severe cases

Helicobacter pilory

【 Note: Cryptococcus is also Urease positive, It is only pathogenic yeast! Most infection is in immunocompromised individuals caused by Serotype A 】 ( Seven sheathed flagella - H pylori )