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Visualizing a Profit & Loss Statement

Visualizing a Profit & Loss Statement using Tableau - shifting from all numeric comparison report to a balance of numbers, indicators, and trends

The World's Five Most Dangerous Countries For Women Infographic. It sickens me that women/girls are still be treated in this way. If it was happening to men, I don't think it would be tolerated.

Infographie According to a TrustLaw Women poll of 213 gender experts from five continents, being a woman in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, I

How The Economist does data journalism

In the “fake news” era, few things are more important to a newspaper than hard facts. At The Economist this is perhaps best demonstrated in the kind of painstaking work done by our data…

Infographic: 80 Designs That Changed The World | Co.Design | business + design

Map of the evolution of knowledge and learning. Shows the advancement to a higher level of thinking, rapid progress, and interconnectedness of our environments.