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The Wheel - Tarot of the III Millennium

'The Wheel: Tarot of the III Millenium' by Iassen Ghiuselev

War General, Andrey Vasilchenko on ArtStation at

m Fighter Plate portrait hilvl - War General, Andrey Vasilchenko ArtStation

Viking by on @deviantART

at www artstation co more vikings warrior vikings art knights warriors


Hrothgar is the king ruling Denmark when Grendel begins to terrorize the mead hall. He was a good friend to Beowulf’s father.

Jamaica Inn by sunsetagain on deviantART

Jamaica Inn by sunsetagain on deviantART NPC

Torrhen: Filho de Thor, servo de Thorm o Deus da Verdade

Takkar Face - Far Cry Primal Collection) by Patrick Lambert

Edér the Ever-smirking.

Baldur's Gate : Pillars of Eternity – Rogues and Rangers detailed

ODIN... He used to travel through Midgard, the world of the humans, incognito. There were some vey alarming changes going on in their world... They followed some crazy new ideas about men beeing superior to nature! They were heading into their own Ragnarök, this new way of thinking would bring on their own destruction! Yet some would not abandone the old ways... They would be the only survivors!

m Barbarian axe Ancião da aldeia

Jeor Mormontów-sagi-Pieśń-Lodu-i-Ognia-Gra-o-Tron-George-R-R-Martin/298799856833900?ref=tn_tnmn

Jeor Mormont by Jortagul raven crow sword fighter king knight solder cape forest winter snow armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

NT: snow by on @DeviantArt

NT: snow by Little-Stupid-Things