Kasia Szafranowska

Kasia Szafranowska

Wrocław / Totalnie szalona autorka i trenerka szybkiej nauki. Kocha kawę, książki, mapy myśli, zdrowe jedzenie, dobrą grafikę, języki i piękne miejsca na ziemi. Zapraszam
Kasia Szafranowska
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So cool!

Modular Furniture Multi Purpose For Small Space Room. Table, workspace, couch, and giant bed! Why buy all of those for hundreds - thousands of dollars when you can buy an all-in-one?

The Workday Reading: September 23, 2015

The obvious benefits to taking action are the results that action provides. However there is an even bigger benefit to taking action that will blow your mind.

Speak and listen

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you. I have to work on the listening part.

Bromeliad Flowers

Queen's Tears - the color is unbelievable! It is a bromeliad, billbergia nutans known as a friendship plant (give its babies away). From Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay & Argentina. Makes a great house plant.