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Karolina Spolnik

Karolina Spolnik
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H-hi. I'm Mei. I , obviously h-have wings. Please, don't laugh. Don't hurt me. I've had to much of that. I want a friend.

aisaka taiga angel wings bad id bare shoulders bow bowtie brown eyes brown hair dress kyuri long hair looking at viewer mini wings see-through sitting solo toradora!

Anime girl. Pretty much me

My name is Tasuko Miochi I am 18 and live in Tokyo, Japan. I love skateboarding (Even though I suck at it) and I love art. I have a kitty named Riochi and a tiger named Kasai I also have a boyfriend named Gazuko.

So pretty! ^^

Presley she is an adorable girl, she just turned she always has make up on and always dresses up and does her hair. She is sweet, popular, nice, shes in dance class and she likes to help anyone out.

Anime girl~ HEY ANIME LOVERS!!! Thousands of y'all out there.Thanks for following and thanks for acknowledging this board. Have fun and watch anime!!! Or read manga!!

插画 动漫 美少年 美少女 二次元 That was some kind of Japanese comment to translate<---what it says is "Illustration cartoon girl and young secondary yuan"