We use to blow dandelions when we were kids.we thought is was so pretty. what happened to the simpler things in life.

Reminds me of a bad storm over the Atlantic. Fantasy: I would be sitting in front of my picture window, in my home on the beach lol, watching it roll in. I love watching God / Mother Nature at work! I just pray everyone stays safe.

desert with clouds

csebastian: photo by Peter Holme III sand dunes, clouds

Another double exposure Artwork by: @hightom_ Tag #ArtPostDaily to be featured!

Artwork by: hightom_ Tag to be featured!

We only believe that we are masters in our own house because we like to flatter ourselves. Actually, however, we are dependent to a startling degree upon the proper functioning of the unconscious psyche, and must trust that it does not fail us.- Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

ilaurens: “ the sea and the rhythm - By: (Mahin Fayaz) ” “I must be a mermaid I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living” -Anais Nin

pozytywne-przeformułowanie #myśli

Sloppy person essay examples Free Essay: One example of this quality is when Britt gives us an example of a messy desk. She states in her essay that, “A neat person would just bulldoze.


Autumn Breeze, wind and leaves, the curb, street curb, sidewalk

Photographs of Antarctica’s Blue Ice at Eye Level by Julieanne Kost

Photographs of Antarctica's Blue Ice at Eye Level by Julieanne Kost

Antarctica’s Blue Ice at Eye Level by Julieanne Kost

Breathe - Laurence Aguerre - Detail 2 wire & fabric sculpture flowers

Laurence Aguerre - Explorations et Sculptures Textiles

Celosia / pilahon manok

Bright Violet Spiked Floral Photograph by Linda Phelps - Bright Violet Spiked Floral Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale


lunaria annua seed pods / aka Honesty flowers, money plant, etc. - nature photography Plus


in scientia veritas, in arte honestas

Eyvind Earle

Pine Branch, 1951 by Eyvind Earle.