Krzysztof Sitkowski
Krzysztof Sitkowski
Krzysztof Sitkowski

Krzysztof Sitkowski

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Krzysztof

Spotted at ICFF, these Kamina & C Stools designed by Takeshi Sawada are too cute ~ pictures really don’t do them justice. They are ADORABLE! And fuzzy and cute and perfectly little kid sized. Coming in Bambi, Sheep, and Cow variations, Bambi is by far the cutest, sheep at a close second… take a peek at the pics on the next page!


Like the shower in-wall shelf / storage Like the large vanity like the partial glass window

Inspirational Workspace: 60 Awesome Setups

workspace - love that light

Приоритетное направление деятельности ГК «Энерго» — развитие проектов в области энергетики. Строительство и реконструкция воздушных и кабельных линий электропередач, распределительных трансформаторных подстанций, распределительных устройств, питающих цент…

Wood Oak Clock

clock idea

DIY kitchen cupboard clock

Passage in Time by Brian Hubel (Wood Floor Clock

Stunning wood floor clock features a torsion box wrapped in zebrawood with a solid maple burl face with tapered legs. Ebony accents are inlaid into the clock face. The pendulum is ebony with a maple burl bob. Clock movement is high torque atomic quartz. Limited edition of 5, signed on back. Dimensions: 70.0in H x 23.0in W x 13.5in D $7600.00

Unique Bamboo Wall Clock - Numeric Cutter

Unique Wall Clocks | Unique Bamboo Wall Clock Numeric Cutter by HOMELOO on Etsy