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#wattpad #humor Mi libro imágenes graciosas de Shingeki No kyojin Y su Anormalidad esta siendo una éxito en México , España , Estados unidos , narnia , ogaio :v , tu casa , mi casa , nuevo León , miro shina maria y la otra , Argentina, Colombia,Ciudad Gótica, Silent Hill, Ciudad Peluche, Fondo de Bikini, Metrópoli...

Read especial levicienta from the story Shingeki No kyojin Y su Anormalidad (Imágenes graciosas) by Aiky_kun (Blurryface talking with me) with reads.

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Holoo!, este es mi primer libro de este tipo, espero que te guste,en … #detodo #De Todo #amreading #books #wattpad

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there is safety in mindfulness

This describes the whole show. Sasha falls and is fine. Jean falls and is not fine. Mikasa just skates over Armin. Hanji slips but is okay. Levi is completely unaffected by the idiots falling behind him, and Eren slides across a lawn. ~Attack on titan

There's always been that one saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing". If a wolf is dressed up as a sheep, the other sheep won't run off. Then the wolf can kill and eat the sheep. So he is dressed as a sheep to deceive the real sheep.