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Sunshine in a Bag Gorillaz

Sunshine in a Bag Gorillaz I need this! I remember this song being the first gorillaz song I ever heard as a kid then growing up to love them


Murdoc is god by iNintendo on DeviantArt


Yes I know I drew the island wrong xD; I want noodle hair Noodle (c) Gorillaz Noodle Chibi

2D by Yereren

Sorry I haven't posted today, my phone is being stupid. Anyways I'm allowed to send in suggestions for my dance song this year and I'm going to send in a ton of Gorillaz songs

Gorillaz Parodies by EddieHolly on DeviantArt

Here's the 4 up of the Gorillaz parodies that i had fun doing. OTHER PARODIES Gorillaz Parodies