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Karolina Sabura
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This will probably be the last update unless I get extremely bored again =x= and no, I did not "forget [enter name here]" I'm literall. Boatload of Sans 2

Undertale, Frisk and Sans

I think That would actually hurt, like hitting your funny bone against something. <<< Is it weird that sometimes when something hits my funny bone, I laugh at the pain and enjoy it?

So just a fun little comic Planning to make this kinda like excerpts of their…

Gaster Frisk and Sans. Highly doubt Gaster would act like this (too nerdy, lol), but that did not stop me from finding this hilarious.

babies attempt to flirt (and fail) by BamSaraKilledYou on DeviantArt

baby's first flirting attempt frisk has a cute, classic method you'd think chara would be swauve or smooth no they'll just spit on you school doodle tha. babies attempt to flirt (and fail)