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(Civilian Military Intelligence Group) Ancient Fools: 5 Blundering Ancient World Commanders

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Die you demon - *sound of the sword* I am better than you (WahCha - Ninja Monkey)! Okay actually I was looking up Archangel Michael :P but Ninja Monkey sounds awesome AF too!

Map of Battle of Ligny (Waterloo Campaign 1815). Napoleonic Wars Article: Note1 : Lobau's (French) VI Army Corps of three infantry divisions is not included. It arrived shortly before the end of the battle. Note 2: N - Napoleon's observation point It appears that Napoleon had thought at first of attacking Blucher by Wagnele and Saint Amand, so as to throw the enemy back on Sombreffe. But then he changed his mind and decided to attack...

was the last victory of the military career of Napoleon Bonaparte. In this battle, French troops of the Armée du Nord under Napoleon's command, defeated part of a Prussian army under Field Marshal Prince Blücher, near Ligny in present-day Belgium