Krzysztof Drabant

Krzysztof Drabant

Krzysztof Drabant
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Archangel Raphael can help you with all forms of healing, including emotional healing within relationships. (click image to keep reading)

I do see these numbers very often.

OMG ,anyone who knows me well, knows that for 20 some years these numbers have scared me,I do see these numbers very often. I always thought they were a bad omen, I hope the above is true.


I wish for my twin love to find himself and awaken to his true being, so that he can see me clearly. We are mirror of each other, when he sees himself, he'll see me.

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Angel Number 1111 Is a window of opportunity to express our gratitude for the abundance already in our lives. Doing this raises our vibration, allowing those intentions we have already placed to rapidly make their way to us.