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modern neon / Stephen Antonakos

This simple idea incorporate in both funky colours and modern looking rectangular shapes. My product could also not be limited to only 1 colour light. I could have multiple light colours or even multiple colour of the outside of the actual light.

Green LED Faucet Valve night light by Greyturtle on Etsy stuff-i-wish-i-had

Green LED Faucet Valve night light It’s a. - Green LED Faucet Valve night light “ It’s a standard ¾" brass sillcock, converted into a night light. Turning the valve actually turns on the ¼ watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of “water”.


A cheap and quick way to separate space in a studio apartment - use pallets and a sheet of wood over the top to create a designated living room area. Also use planks from pallet to create a wooden wall to further create a sense of a separate space.