Krzysiek Drozda
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Krzysiek

Siruca™ by Fabrizio Schiavi. Maybe the prettiest stencil font ever designed and it makes brilliant use of discretionary ligatures.

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If we appreciate the great fortune of this life we shall not waste it.

Muirside is a contemporary and clean stencil font based on type originally drawn for a poster design inspired by bicycle frame shapes. Now it’s been expanded into a full set using classic American geometric proportions with a range of alternates and is a great way to add cool personality to display work.

Vacant is a precisely drawn, contemporary stencil face built with attention towards retaining pure underlying geometric forms and visual balance between letterforms.

Font of the day: London - and it's totally FREE!

DESIGN // Instagram @groenoveld

Haiku: Typographic Experiments by Eli Kleppe