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Iaido kendo aikido

Iaido - This is a "soft" martial art. Basically, Iaido consists of learning "To Draw The Sword". It's harder than it looks and you haven't felt pain until you've been whacked on the arms with a bokken!

iaido 居合道

Samurai code, way of warrior The Bushidō code's typified by virtues: Rectitude (義 gi?) Courage (勇氣 yūki) Benevolence (仁 jin) Respect (禮 rei) Honesty (誠 makoto) Honour (名誉 meiyo) Loyalty (忠義 chūgi) Associated virtues Filial piety (孝 kō) Wisdom (智 ch


Martial arts appreciation "iaido - approximately translates into English as "the way of mental presence and immediate reaction." It was coined in the replacing the earlier and more literal name battōjutsu (抜刀術 "art of drawing the sword").