Jin-Rio - Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Beginner Game - AD Zoë Robinson {Fantasy Flight Games}

"The ships hung in the sky, much in the same way that bricks dont." - Douglas Adams

The Tet Space Station. I know it's from Oblivion, but that movie is damned awesome.


Malzahar - League of Legends Fan Art. League of Pictures is a website where you can find League of Legends fan art, cosplay and more!

ArtStation - 'DARK MATTER' Concept Art - Season 2 Episode 9, Jeff Bartzis

A Concept piece I did, for season 2 of SyFy channel's Dark Matter television series, during my time at FuseFX in Vancouver Canada. I had to design the top of the space elevator which connects to the Dwarf Star tower down on the Planet's surface.

ArtStation - Hunters : Last of Us , Hyoung Nam

Hunters are hostile survivors so named due to their tendency to brutally kill anyone entering their territory (referred to by hunters as “tourists”) in order to steal their clothes, supplies, and food.


Bogota, Colombia - based Victor Mosquera is a freelance concept artist and illustrator specializing in environment art.