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Angry bird

Mazurek by Adam Wajrak

Portable swamp (evaporative) cooler.

Complete Swamp Cooler - How to build a low-cost 12 volt evaporative cooler. My husband and I built two swamp coolers that we use to air condition our tent when we camp in hot, dry weather at Burning Man.

Dom zintegrowany ze zwalonym drzewem?   Fallen tree built into a house?

Fallen tree built into a house?

Beautiful strawbale building!

Beautiful strawbale building!

Lovely Ipad with no cooling issues. :)

More cores = more heat

Starting your won seeds indoors over the winter is a great way to save money, get stronger plants, earlier blooms, and a longer growing season. An affordable and sustainable way to do that is by starting your seeds in recycled toilet paper rolls!