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Lovers of ginger, assemble! This simple switchel recipe (AKA Nature’s Gatorade) is healthy, hydrating, and quick to make. Drink it warm or cold, and ensure you thrive this winter!
Healthy Cookie Dough Balls! :)
Don't let your struggle as a Vegan hold you back!
Roasted Veggie Pitas with Avocado Dip
Spicy roasted cauliflower, semi-crispy roasted chickpeas, and velvety-creamy avocado dip all wrapped up in a super soft whole wheat pita and dollop-ed with Greek yogurt like a champ. You're going to LOVE this. Credit: Pinch of Yum
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High-Protein Mediterranean Pesto Bowl
Ingredients: - potatoes - onion powder - sumac - sea salt flakes - olive oil - cherry tomatoes - broccoli - pine nuts Pesto Bean Dip: - basil - nutritional yeast - cooked cannellini beans - garlic cloves - lemon juice - salt - soy milk Credits: @_plantbaes_
Foods to eat to support your immune system according to the nutritionists