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a greeting card with two champagne glasses and christmas decorations
two glasses of champagne are sitting on top of a green background with gold stars and snowflakes
a pink christmas card with champagne and presents
a christmas card with two champagne flutes in the center and evergreen branches around it, which reads doligo navaro rojo
two glasses of champagne sitting on top of a table
two glasses of champagne with streamers and confetti
two glasses of champagne with sparkling bubbles and sparkles in the background, on a black background
a bottle of champagne with red hearts around it and the caption reads, 20 years ago
two glasses of champagne next to a christmas tree
a christmas tree with presents and decorations on it's branches in front of a black background
the words are written in different languages
a red and white christmas card with trees on it
a christmas card with an image of the nativity scene and pine cones on it
a red and gold christmas card with two ornaments on the front, and words below it