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Beirut Gardens

Tree logos are used by many companies in various industries around the world. The use of the tree logo is a universally recognizable symbol which represents

Creative Tree logo design inspiration (22)

Today I have collected some Amazingly Creative Tree Logo Designs , The tree is the symbol of Nature , Trust , Peace and Growth .Lets see the 35 Creative Tree logo Designs

I like the swirly lines in the middle which I could see making a circle, though I think this is from something in my past.

Looking for logo ideas that are circular, with natural element (tree) with text separate from the image, versus integrating the image with the text. I like the font choice here and the colours, which connect the tree and the text.

Logo inspiration

This is a very interesting logotype design. I think it is a little boring because of the very straight edged and non-serif font. However, I don't know if the inclusion of a digging shovel would have been as effective if the font was anything but straight

Double Exposure Photoshop Action - Photoshop Add-ons

Double Exposure Photoshop Action 6 different colors with gradual levels that are suitable for modification and blending in an easiest way with what is adequate to the photo and its nature.