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two pictures with flowers in them and the words i love you written on it,
Komunijny shadowbox
Komunijny shadowbox wykonany na bazie GoatBox. #goatbox #craftcorner #scrapbooking #handmadegift #gifidea
two cards with flowers and a cross on the front one has a ribbon around it
Kartka Komunijna / Communion Card
there are cards with flowers on them and some papers in the middle one is open
Exploding box na komunie
a close up of a card on a table with yarn and flowers in the background
Paper Heaven: Kwietniowe wyzwanie z moodboardem
four cards with white embellishments and lace on them, sitting on a wooden table
Pierwsza Komunia
a close up of a greeting card on a table
Wrześniowa Komunia
a card with white flowers and lace on the edge, which reads happy new year
Misty Morning, Christening
Kartka komunijna dla dziewczynki
four different pictures of the inside of a box with flowers and leaves on it, including an ornament
Pamiątka pierwszej komunii