Victory of John III Sobieski King of Poland against the Turks at the Battle of Vienna

King Jan III Sobieski winning over the Ottoman Turks at the second Vienna siege, 12 september 1683 by Polish painter Jan Matejko.

Royal elections in Poland - Polish: wolna elekcja, literally: free election - was the election of individual kings, rather than of dynasties, to the Polish throne. Based on traditions dating to the very beginning of the Polish statehood, strengthened during the Piast and Jagiellon dynasties, they reached their final form in the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between 1572 and 1791. The “free election” was abolished by the Constitution of May 3, 1791.    The tradition of…

The Republic at Zenith of Power Golden Liberty Election A D 1573 : Jan Matejko : Romanticism : history painting - Oil Painting Reproductions

1018 - wyprawa kijowska

Boleslaw Chrobry King of Poland (Lechistan) entering Kiev; by Jan Matejko

Shuiskys at the Warsaw Seym - Jan Matejko

Polish–Muscovite War Tribute of the Russian tsars Shuysky paid to the sovereign of Poland king Zygmunt III Waza 1611

matejko hold pruski wawel_5777137.jpg (1024×510)

matejko hold pruski wawel_5777137.jpg (1024×510)