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MARVEL COMICS FULL JUNE 2017 Solicitations

Marvel Brian Michael Bendis Bringing Back 'The Defenders' Comic Book Series (Exclusive) I wanted to do a sprawling 'Godfather'-like epic at the street level of the Marvel Universe" says Bendis who is reteaming with artist David Marquez.

Go to your room!

Go to your room! I am very cross - I mean it! GO TO YOUR ROOM! I am so glad that worked. Those would've been terrible last words

As much as It broke my heart when Fitz said Simmons and she didn't say him.........I freaked out with happiness when she said the tardis XD

"Fitz gets Simmons, Simmons get the TARDIS, and they both go on jaunty adventures doing science across space and time. I'd watch it." - Also, FitzSimmons