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there are many different colored objects hanging from the ceiling
the weaving machine has many pieces of fabric on it
How to use — RailReed - adjust warp density while you weave
several different fabrics are stacked on top of each other
Arts Thread Homepage
there are many green objects on the wall in this room and one is made out of wires
Arts Thread Homepage
many different colored objects are on the table
Arts Thread Homepage
a close up of a person's arm with yellow and white bracelets on it
the texture of pink fabric is very detailed
A Memory of a Memory | Lyndall Watson
a close up of a woman's hand on her hip wearing a gold and black dress
Material Fantasies: Five Textiles Graduates from The Royal College of Art
several pieces of art made out of different materials
green and white pieces of fabric with fringes on top of each other in rows
Laura Adburgham
an orange and white loom is being worked on
Loop Pile Towels – Kromski Spinning & Weaving
a pink rug with green and white lines on it