Button Tree Art - a great kids craft idea. But I'd do it on fabric so my girl can practice with needle and thread. Trunk and branches could be brown ribbon.

Kids Craft: Button Art

Simply Designing with Ashley: Kids Craft: Button Art Will be making this button tree with Arianna once she's a bit older. Can't wait for craft projects with her. If you love arts and crafts you really will love our website!

Button Letter Canvas - Great for nurseries or monogram artwork

Button Letter Nursery Artwork Tutorial

Button Letter Canvas - Great for nurseries or monogram artwork. This button letter design adds color in your room

guzikowa sztuka

Button Art, Painted With Buttons Pink Bird - Button Art, Vintage Buttons by PaintedWithButtons.

Diy beautiful button craft

Beautiful pins made from buttons, little felt, and safety pin.(touch of hot glue) TA-DA. Instead of safety pin, hair clip would be so cute for the girls

Button shoes, might be able to DIY

Take a pair of on SALE shoes ( flats) Buttons from craft store, hot glue gun ( for impatient crafters. ) or Needle/ Thread ( last longer) or super glue. depends on the shoe? would go great with the button covered leggings in a different pin

guzikowa muffinka

Button art cupcake framed picture, original and unique, purple and yellow buttons, suitable for the nursery or a girl's bedroom

guzikowy zegar

Button clock made out of a cookie tin lid, buttons, and clock parts. It is a great idea to help kids learn to read time.

love this little felt cloud brooch

cloud felt brooch

cloud felt brooch tutorial by happy_serendipity (For the Itsy Bitsy Spider Page)