Sylwia Krędzel
Sylwia Krędzel
Sylwia Krędzel

Sylwia Krędzel

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A rainbow over Aarhus - Zumtobel luminaires illuminate Olafur Eliasson‘s “Your rainbow panorama”

gahhhh melts my heart!!<3

You're wrong if you think Sphynx cats are creepy

A very content Sphynx cat bathes in the sunlight of a window.

summer. in summer. swim style. one piece. pinned by stylelisted. suit.


Parker Fitzgerald

Overgrowth outtake. Photography by Parker Fitzgerald. Floral styling by Riley Messina.

Sphynx kitty-- if I ever get a cat this is the only breed I would consider getting.

Gisela Hoffmann | Raumlinien 23, 2010