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O novo esquadrão suicida kkkk

The squad to protect Iris! loved watching these three in action in chapter 35 (♡ε♡ ) Be careful Castiel, Armin is becoming my new fav boy after the last chapters XD and Priya is conquering my.

:Amour Sucre: Skier Boyfriends (?) by on @deviantART | Hory shet the ship is too strong //sexual tension

HNGGG nath I was roleplaying with Bakyaan and this came out Nathaniel&Castiel from My candy love :Amour Sucre: Skier Boyfriends (?

Pobre Castiel xD Mehr

jorgeva said: What’s my muse’s reaction? Send me a short scenario for my muse to react to and I’ll draw their reaction!: (Sorry i dont ask frecuently I'm a little bit nervous.