#Wood table. Wow.

live edge with multi-level surface treatment beautiful table inspiration don't you think?

Beautiful carved wood western staircase from David Naylor Interiors. Looks gorgeous with the iron railing. Love the carved wood on the stairs not a fan of the railing. Rather it be wood as well

Dowel Rounding Planes- - The Japan Woodworker Catalog - Also Available at Woodcraft Lexington along with all the Japan Woodworker Catalog

Upcycled Pallet Headboards - Turn an Ordinary Pallet into Chic Bedroom Decor with This Guide (GALLERY)- Could have a futon in front and when it is pulled down into a bed, it has a head board

These would make excellent table bases for LARPing/camping. Hinged Frames Give Broad-Based Support - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

Someday, Ill take a branch. From the yard. And turn it into a spoon. Probably a day very far into the future. - Tom's Woodworking Shed

Wild Hybrid Walls: Decorative Wood & Plastic Wall Panelling Interior space or … spaceship interiors?